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Welcome, welcome

Welcome to the Literary Empire. I am her Imperial Majesty Em, the Literary Empress. I rule this land from my throne of books along the river of OTP tears. I make my judgments swift, whether a novel is so trivial to be discarded or to hold an everlasting place among my Library of Fangirling. My knowledge of the writing craft is my scepter, and my skepticism of books is my crown, but the opinions are all mine.

Be sure not to find yourself on the Dais of Disdain by following the review guidelines.

1 Star: (This includes DNF). This book didn’t even make it through the trial period of 70 pages. It’s lacked everything or, quick frankly, was a complete and utter letdown. Better return this one to the Fires of Literary Obscurity.

2 Star: I may have finished this book, but I wish I could have the time back I spent with this odious and nagging disappointment of a book. There is very minimal redemption of some sort—maybe.

3 Star: Cursed to walk the Road of Mediocrity for all of eternity. In 6 months I won’t remember the title, let alone the characters or plot. I will probably have forgotten I read this book altogether. However, this will contain the vast amount of my reads. I’m terribly hard to please. This book may be perfectly fine and a good read, but it was nothing spectacular in my standards.

4 Star: This one has my attention. Pray, do tell me more. A novel with 4 stars is one I would recommend to my court.

5 Star / Crown: Ah, the Crown Jewel of my treasures. A book that attains this status is one with my undying gratitude and everlasting love. Kept in the vault of Unearthly Treasures, a book of this nature is my lifeblood, the magic that keeps my kingdom in order. A book deemed such a status is a mandatory read for my court.


Welcome to the Literary Empire, and I do hope you enjoy your stay. Keep up with the rules and court gossip by following me on social media @literaryempress .


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