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A Court of Unpopular Opinion

Now, we in the Literary Empire are all for personal opinions. Every kingdom, every nation, every person has the right to justify their opinion- it is one of the singular rights to everything single living being. Mine just may not align with yours.

While we could go on about hyped books and beautiful letdowns, we have to say that this review may be a bit different. It is my, the Literary Empress’, personal opinion that is transcribed in the following post.

ACOMAF is NOT about Feyre, ACOMAF is NOT about Feyre, ACOMAF is NOT about Feyre, ACOMAF is NOT about Feyre, ACOMAF is NOT about Feyre……..

Now what could I possibly mean by that? Well, everyone has said that Feyre is so powerful and wow she really empowered women…. But she didn’t. She did not make herself a High Lady.

Rhys did that.

“Oh,” They say. “Well…”

“Uh-uh” *finger waggle. “Look, you can’t win this fight.”

So what am I trying to say? Well, Feyre is a mild badass. And has some redemption. I still cannot like her though. Not in the way I love Meira or Celaene or Adelina…

I can’t even spell her name correctly for crying out loud.

(Also, I have a rather… well, I was rather pun-ny in my original review. I toned it down for you, should you wish to read it— tell me.)

Rhysand is the main character of ACOMAF (A Court of Mist and Fury for those who don’t know). It’s his story. His journey. Feyre is just the pretty side flower we forget about.

And really, did we need all, and I do mean ALL of that… stuff. (Trying to be delicate, but really… it’s nearly impossible.). Cut that out (the adult content which was excessive and completely ridiculous) and what do you have? You ACTUALLY get a story, and get to the point!

*Eradicated indelicate language.

Wow, I cannot put that in, but word play is hysterical as an English Major. Well that, and I’m not doing so well with my emotions… meh. But you get it right? Is it necessary? Because I would have enjoyed this book a whole HELL OF A LOT better if it weren’t so… well, about wingspans. *cue eyeroll. EXCESSIVE EYEROLLING.

Why did people tell me chapter 55 was their favorite? What does that say about them? About the book? *Blacked out language* I do not honestly know. And I do not really care about it. Honestly.

You want to know what really mattered to me in this book? How Rhysand treated Feyre. How he raised her up. How he valued her beyond anything else. Screw (again sorry. *I have to keep at least one pun in this review for my sanity) everything else in this book. If one thing is taken away from this book, it’s be a Rhysand. What I mean by that is be kind, courteous, thoughtful, and a bit of a badass prick.

I’m beyond torn about how to rate this. Because based on character… Damn Maas had me hooked. But content? Story? Maybe a 1?

Now it is time to actually delve into what needs to be said. While ACOMAF was excessive and unrealistic, Mass knows how to create a character that has depth, connection to audience, and keeps us on our toes. Content…. I really have an issue with. Which is why my review will be so low. I cannot actually recommend this book, for all the blushing and cringing and damn near throwing this book caused me, but— will I be reading ACOWAR? Sadly, I have to say yes. What does that say about ACOMAF? About Sarah J. Maas? That she knows how to write characters. Feyre? Tamlin? All the other people I don’t care about? Nah, I’m strictly reading for Rhysand and Morrigan and the Night Court; because those character are the reason we remember this long after the final word has been read, long after the fights and opinions have been expressed, long after the debate whether ACOMAF should have been 200 pages or 600 of excessive smut.


Final rating: 2 stars. I really want to rate it 3 (for Rhysand’s sake), but I just cannot.




3 thoughts on “A Court of Unpopular Opinion

  1. Wow I LOVE the voice of your review (that’s completely unrelated to the actual review but…). I like your comment about the book not being actually about Rhysand, and I definitely see your point there. For me, this book infuriated me because it was masquerading around as a feminist book when it’s SO ANTI-FEMINIST. Anyway, I also thought there was a lot of excessive talk about wing-span (I literally cringe when I see people talking about it online) and I completely skipped whatever happened in chapter 55, assuming it was sexy times. After Feyre became all powerful and whatever, I really enjoyed her and Rhysand’s relationship, just getting there was really bumpy, and by bumpy I mean driving off a cliff.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. This book was a mess of emotions for me so it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one. I appreciate the world-building and character development Maas does, but this book was just not for me. I cringe too when people talk about the wingspan * cue eyerolling.


  2. Yeah, I’ve rarely met people who don’t love Maas and her world. TOG was OK for me. I cared more about her characters in this series than the other, but idk, with all the problematic rep I’m not sure if I’ll read the next one. I’m kind of on the fence. Can we just not value people for their sexual abilities? THANKS.

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