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Do You Want Cake With That?

The Crown’s Fate By Evelyn Skye

Her Imperial Majesty invites you to attend a party— tea and sweets will be provided; however, she requests you bring tissues.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Evelyn Skye at Yallwest last year, right before The Crown’s Game came out. I had heard about it for a while and was dying to meet her, and snag a GORGEOUS ARC. It was love at first sentence, a guilty pleasure of magic and mayhem * and let’s not forget the sweets. As soon as I knew Evelyn would be back at Yallwest I knew what I needed to do. Donning my tiara and tulle (as ever, Evelyn was stunning and wore her crown), I made it my mission to be her lady-in-waiting, and what a glorious time we had.

I knew the first ARC I was going to read from my haul (which I should put up someday) would be The Crown’s Fate. I am not the fastest of readers, but I sped through every gasp and heartache with determination to not let anything hurt my beloved Pasha. Fine, I love Vika and Nikolai too, but PASHA! ❤

Most of my notes are… well, I only have one. It’s at the start of Chapter 13 and transcribes as follows: OMG! I CAN’T WATCH! And that sums up my experience with this book.

From giddy to absolutely heart wrench, I loved everything about The Crown’s Fate (like you cannot already guess what rating this with earn…). Evelyn’s craft is fantastic, lacing you in with senses and phrases and beautiful imagery until you lose your breath. Heartbreaking in a way that makes The Crown’s Game seem like child’s play, The Crown’s Fate delves into the territory of darkness and deceit.

How dark you say? Very dark, says I. So dark and terrifying in fact that I had to pause and remember whom we were talking about: Pasha, Nikolai, and Vika; my trifecta of sweet, kind, and hopeful. But oh my! Where Evelyn takes us on this journey is tragedy worthy of praise, of tears, of gasps and shrieks at 2 am (yes, those last few chapters were read at an absurd hour and I fear I frightened my darling little Meira * the royal kitten.)

SPOILER* We all know there is bad magic, and magic used for ill intent is tainted with darkness… but not my darling babies! Not my little ray of sunshine Nikolai! Be still my heart! And pitting him against Pasha like that, shame on you Evelyn.

But in all seriousness… can we talk about that ending! *reasons for shrieking at 2 am. Caught up between heart aching for Vika’s decision and Nikolai’s bent on war, I was already in tears — BUT THEN! Then… gasping, crying, tears, river of tears… sad tears, happy tears, agony of tears…. All of it. All the tears.

I should have said this would be no review, but rather a sob fest. A party of tears.

Then a spark of warmth returns. And happy tears, joyful squeals, sob induced laughter… Oh happy days!

End of SPOILER* So why should you read The Crown’s Fate? Because it is a spectacular sequel that finds new territory and etches itself into our hearts. You have the power of suggestion, the tragedy of duty, the loss of friendship, and the overwhelming joy of rejoining with your favorite trio. Evelyn Skye knows her craft, and it is magical. Sure there may have been tropes, but I did not care, I was lost in the arms of sweeping magic and snow flurries of Saint Petersburg.

Needless to say, The Crown’s Fate garnered (as was expected from one of my favorite debuts) an everlasting place in my Library of Fangirling and the vault of Unearthly Treasures, along with a Crown Jewel of 5 stars.

Now, who wants cake?


Sincerely, Em

The Literary Empress


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