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Blah in Blogger

What do we blog for? Why do we bookstagram? What is the point?

These are some of the questions that have risen to the surface with what I dub as “the Litsy exit” on Instagram- all because of an algorithm. I understand that it prevents you from seeing posts from your favorites, but honestly, is that a reason for leaving a book community on social media? Or is there more to that? Is it the lack of followers? Likes? No instant stardom? Granted, we all like to have success, to have the justification that we are appreciated, but at what cost? I guess what bothers me is that people have been trivial about other issues on Instagram or the book community, and yet, it’s a stupid algorithm that takes us down. What issues? Well, I love YA, but I feel like ONLY YA posts get likes and comments, not Literature nor non-fiction or indie publishing. And why? Because it is popular? And only popular books should be liked? Sorry about ranting, but this hit me really hard today. Why do we blog? Let’s explore this idea.

I blog because I absolutely from my head to my toes LOVE reading and sharing a love of reading- it’s not something I enjoyed as a child and it was because I never found the books I liked to read. Which is why I’m very passionate about finding the books that speak to you, be it YA, or classics, or romance, or indie; find what makes you happy and shout it out to the world! I also blog because I enjoy talking to you, the book community, and having discussions. Each of us have a different opinion, and that’s what makes discussing books so very interesting, because we each bring something unique to the table.

One of my other questions was why do I Bookstagram? Well, I love books, and I love photos. It was a natural progression. But also, because I never know what books I’ll find. It’s like a giant treasure hunt with book recommendations at the end. Granted, there are a LOT of the popular books I just don’t care for, but overall I’ve found some real treasures through bookstagram, and made some amazing friends. It’s about the community, which is why I’m writing this post; because the bookstagram community is something I enjoy so much I have to stand up and say my two-cents. If it’s about the followers, the likes, or the rep searches, than what does that say about us? About this community? Why can’t we be happy spreading what we love? Encouraging one another? Building a community that fosters a love of reading, whatever that means to each individual.

I do not have the answers, but I have a passion that cannot be quenched, that cannot be silenced. I love this community, so I want to address what it means to me, why I blog, and I intend to always be completely honest with you.

Getting ARCs (Advance Review Copies) is new to me, and I tend to only request Debut YA authors. Why? Because they need my help more than established writers. This doesn’t mean I can’t fangirl about Leigh Bardugo or Sara Raasch, but it means I want to help promote new authors who have worked just as hard to get their feet on the ground. Every single author you read is a debut at some point, without the encouragement of the book community you may have never read them, and they deserve to be acknowledged.

Come on Em, what is the purpose of this post? It’s about setting things straight and being honest. About Bookstagram and blogging and a love of reading. Mostly, it’s about what would you like to see in the book community? From this blog? So thank you for making it through this post, for letting me rant, for listening to the ramblings of a passionate soul. I started The Literary Empire with the purpose of sharing my love of reading, and I will always be honest in my opinions. I cannot be anything other than me, and that’s all I need to be.




Ps. I’m sure there will be more post like this in the coming weeks. About blogging on a personal level, about why I love this community of bookworms and book queens and fangirls/fanboys.



4 thoughts on “Blah in Blogger

  1. Posts like this are good 🙂 I can’t relate much about Bookstagram, because for me it has always been only a secondary outlet, just posting nice quotes when I want to share them. So I never really counted any likes or anything. I also wish not only YA books were liked and clicked, I mostly like different stuff than YA, so I feel like I’m in the less crowded part of the book blogging world. But I try to blog about topics that matter (including some fun, of course!), and I also agree to what you’re saying about supporting small, new authors.


    1. Yes, I feel like exclusively YA books are featured, and there is so much more literature out there. I think trying out different topics allows for more engagement in the book community, and it’s fun to see other blogger’s thoughts and what matters to them. I feel like Bookstagram and stuff have become a competition when in reality it’s a way to discuss something we all love, and who knows, maybe inspire someone else to read. After college I was done with classic literature and have been reading a LOT of YA since then, but now I want to share what made me want to spread a love for literacy. I think it’s important to keep sharing and keep exploring as readers. Also, Thank you for your comment! It’s always nice to see and hear from other bloggers! ❤


      1. My pleasure 🙂 you’re right about Bookstagram, I think. But I’m glad I don’t care 😀 I know I won’t be a Bookstagram star, I can’t take very nice pics. They’re okay, I guess, but they’ll never be brilliant. But that’s okay, I just share quotes instead. What I care about. I’ll have to visit your blog more often because I love literary 🙂

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  2. For me Bookstagram is doing what you love. I know I don’t take amazing pictures, but I’m happy with what I do and how I get to express myself through it. Haha, I’m working on getting more literature into my posts. I’ve been stuck in YA for a few years (not that it’s a bad thing, but I do love my Austen) and want to get back to mixing both on my reading schedule. Do you have a favorite classic read? or genre/ time era? I love traditional Gothic literature, it’s one of the reasons why I decided to major in English.


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