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The course of true love never did run smooth…

The Disappearances By Emily Bain Murphy

In an Empire this large, it is easy for one to misplace many things. Robes, crowns, OTPs, books… But what if you misplaced the stars? Or the smell of a thousand roses in bloom? Now that would be interesting. Step into a world where such impossible things happen, where there’s magic and mystery in a small town, where family means many things.

The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy has been an absolute delight to read. At first I was terrified, I’m really not into the “supernatural” mystery thing and I thought, maybe this book falls under that— No, it does not. It almost belongs in a league of it’s own, one where history and magic and mystery meld into a beautiful song.

The craftsmanship of Emily’s prose is GORGEOUS! Reminding me of Stephanie Garber’s Caraval in its uniqueness. Each line and phrase is so beautiful and full, rising and falling like a melody on a sweet summer breeze. I would never guess this was a debut— it’s that quality of writing.

Next is magic. Right? MAGIC! And I haven’t read Harry Potter (don’t ask), but how Emily weaves magic into the 1940’s is incredible! It’s not wizards and witches magic, but subtle and mysterious. The use of magic in this book blew my mind in ways that still make me smile, still create the awestruck wonder that has given this book a 5 star rating. Yes, 5 star.

Did I mention it’s set in the 1940’s? Because I’m all over that in a heartbeat. ❤

There other thing that really endeared this book to my heart is the links of family and love that are threaded in the story. Yes, I’m not the biggest person for romance, but this book is just so sweet and cute and wonderful I didn’t mind at all. PS. there is one REALLY FUNNY moment between the Aila and the romantic interest that made me giggle like an idiot at 1am.

So why should you read The Disappearances? Because it’s a magical historical mystery about love, loss, and hope. It grows on you after you’ve finished, and makes you appreciate the simple things in life (like a reflection). Overall Emily creates a realistic and beautiful world, filling it with magical moments so extraordinary you can’t tear yourself away from The Disappearances. I cannot sing enough praise for this book and highly, highly, recommend it.

The highest rating I can give: 5 stars, a place of everlasting praise and treasured piece of my library. Let the “feel-good” read of the summer commence.


Her Imperial Majesty, Em


PPS. I will need ALL THE FEEL-GOODNESS because guess what review comes next? That’s right- the sobbing-under-a rock-lamenting of Our Dark Duet. Bring tissues.


3 thoughts on “The course of true love never did run smooth…

  1. Doesn’t like romance. Hasn’t read Harry Potter. Likes literary. Are you my twin? 😀 no, but really. Harry Potter though, I was so anti hype about it I never did read and ended up seeing the movies hugely out of order xD I did start reading the books, liked them, but didn’t want to read them all in one sitting. So now I am thinking of reading them ALL in August (including rereads because I won’t remember things). How about you? Did you not want to read them, or what is the backstory here? 🙂


    1. Yay for twinies! True story: I hated reading as a kid. My mother had to bribe me with candy to read. I think one of the few books/series I enjoyed as a kid was The Black Stallion, but only because there was a horse and I wanted to be a jockey XD. So I never even cared about Harry Potter, even when the movies came out I just wasn’t into it. I liked adventure and explorer stuff rather than magic and fantasy. I did read the first Harry Potter last year, but I just feel like it’s been so hyped that for me I was underwhelmed. It was fun, but the magic of reading it as a kid wasn’t there. Maybe I’ll give them a try again someday.


      1. Really! :0 I have always been a bookworm xD been reading since age 4. Bribe with candy, hahaha 😀 but yeah… it’s definitely not the same reading a book after you’ve already seen the movies and know the story.


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