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Mundane Mondays

Yes, there are Mondays in the Literary Empire, though I have tried to banish them.

This post is an Update, since I haven’t spoken in a while.

First, I have been in the BIGGEST book slump. Somedays I feel like I’ll never read again. So I’m going back to a classic ( while I read through some August ARCs that simply must be done). I think it was the combo of Our Dark Duet and Gemina that hit my like a freight train. Like… How does one get over those books! NOT! NEVER! EVER! So I will be returning to one author who always make me smile, and laugh, and revel in glorious melodrama and scenery. Yes, I’m talking about the Mistress of Mystery, the one true Queen of Gothic: Ann Radcliffe.

Who is Ann Radcliffe? Get thou to an abby. She is the inspiration behind Jane Austen; the mother of modern novel, with a minor flare for the dramatic. Circa 1790 she created some of the best novels around, and my personal favorites. Haunted castles? Fainting fair ladies? Swoon worthy men? Contemptuous villains? All the above. I’m reading The Italian. While The Mysteries of Udolpho maybe her most famous, and my personal favorite, I wanted to revisit one that was spooky and heartwarming. Join me if you dare step outside your comfort zone.

Second, I’m still figuring out booktube. It’s great, but also a struggle to find a nice quiet spot to film. Hopefully I can get some new videos up soon.

Third, What’s your current read? What’s your favorite book? Help me get out of the depths of despair and give me a book to read!

Until the next time my fair subjects,

Em, The Literary Empress


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