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What Do You Believe?


Books find you when you need them. And so GEMINA found me, and I needed it, like a nail through my foot.

As I was sobbing in the Library of Fangirling over Our Dark Duet, I trailed my fingers over the spines of books I needed to read. GEMINA’s sleek plastic sent a tingle up my spine. I had received an ARC at Yallwest in 2016, and bought the hardcover for Christmas, but I was yet to pick it up after what Illuminae did to me. It was as good a time as ever, right? Wrong. Oh. So. WRONG.

There were plenty of other books I needed to read, but GEMINA caught me with a right hook, sending my heart tumbling down the steps of despair into the depths of pure bliss… and everlasting heartbreak.

First, I almost stopped and ran far, far away only a few chapters in. *MILD SPOILER I’m rather squeamish, so the parasite thing coming out of the cow…. REALLY BAD VIBES OF Prometheus (which scared the S**T out of me. Like, I STILL have nightmares about that). *END OF SPOILER: So yeah, I almost shut the book and put it away, but I stayed. And I ended up in worse condition. Why? Because of conspiracy theory.


CONSPIRACY! She shouts to the world. Are the black paged AIDAN? How does the REDACTED universe thing work? OMG the new snippet from OBSIDIO! And the worst of all: Realizing everything is actually written in the past tense… so everything has already happened. I’m not even touching the feels involved while reading yet.

Sure, it’s not Kady and Ezra, but Hanna and Nik are equally up to the challenge. Needless to say, I squealed with delight when I got hints of Kady and AIDAN.

What had me turning pages, through tears and screams, was the fact that the plot piles and builds and the tensions is tangible— UNTIL. IT. SNAPS. And then we free-fall. Hopefully. Hopeless.

Yes, I had a good time reading GEMINA, even as it tore my heart out in ways I didn’t know could happen *SPOILER REDACTED. I can’t even take this massive book down to the basics outside of: Squeal. SHRIEK. Sigh. Splat.


*deep breath.

Donnelly, H: You want to know how it ends?

But wait… then we get the OBSIDIO snippet— and the fangirling begins again. So, needless to say, Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff continue to wreck my emotions and make me fall in love with a homicidal murder bot sassy death machine. AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE!

Now, excuse me while I go fangirl some more, and try to find a new read.

P.S. Kady is still my favorite. But AIDAN is the sassiest REDACTED in the galaxy.


Her Imperial Majesty, Em



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