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Don’t mistake a Tree for the Forest

I started blogging because it was a space to talk about things I love, particularly books. But at this point in my life a lot of things are going on- personally, professionally, academically; so I am taking a short break. I had to come to terms with this as I was stressing out about NOT blogging. Blogging should be fun, not a hassle. I plan to be mostly on hiatus through Twitter, Instagram and this blogging- occasionally I will be posting a booktube because that is the easiest to manage (which isn’t that odd because I do most of my filming in one take). So, what does all of this mean? Well, I will return sometime in December (probably to rant/shout/squeal about The Last Jedi). I just need to take some personal time to deal with stress and life and moving and all the things that come with major life changes. I will still be semi active on my personal account on Twitter @cbsmaby – but it’s probably going to be really angsty because of moving and grad apps and job apps.

What is the purpose of this post Camille? Well, it’s to not mistake the Tree for the Forest- that life is big and messy and beautiful but you have to know your limits, what you’re capable of. It’s to let people know that life has all sorts of pressures and it’s important to take time for yourself, to refocus on what matters and not stress about the little things.

So, thanks for reading. Really, I mean it. I’ll be back shortly and you can bet to see less book reviews and more discussions, because that’s what I love- discussing books with people who love them.

Cheers! And have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Much Love,

Camille – The Literary Empress


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