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Or you can read that as an inaudible screech. Because oh my goodness, this book! My review of Geminasummed up the feels pretty good, but Obsidio… this book may break me. And tonight I’ll be seeing the Dynamic Duo: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff!!!!! Who created Illuminae and my glorious sassy death machine AIDAN!!!! Well, if I can make it through the California storm of the century to get to Los Angeles. But that’s what four-wheel drive is for, right?

Sadly I haven’t taken any pics of OBSIDIO… so the first two books will have to do.

I also am attending Wondercon this weekend: my first ever Con and I’m probably going to be a pile of sluggish feels by the end. So if you see Agent Carter cosplay pic, or Sith, or Rey pic… that’s me fangirling my way through my first Con. If you have never seen Agent Carter— DO IT! My love for this show and character matches my admiration for Leigh Bardugo, and that says a lot. Even if ABC canceled it after 2 season on one hell of a major cliffhanger.

Have you ever been to a Con of any sort? What about BEA? Or BookCon? Someday I’ll work up to that, but until then I’m happy sticking to the smaller ones in SoCal.

Best Wishes,

The Literary Empress


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