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am I not meRciful?

Why did I choose to bring this book on a plane… because that probably wasn’t the best idea.

How do I even start? Where does one start with this level of emotion? Last time I said Gemina was a nail in my foot­- Obsidio is… like getting hit with a spaceship.

So where do I go from there? Without spoiling anything? I’ll make this short.




More sobbing.




More crying.

Semi-happy crying.





On the floor curled up in a ball of laughter, tears, and sobs.

The end.

See. That was easy.

But in all seriousness this book is, well, one for the books. The emotional journey of ALL THESE CHARACTERS is something I don’t think any other author can touch. What Jay and Amie do is mind blowing and phenomenal. I started laughing on page 6- PAGE 6!- and then I was sobbing by page 50, and by page 200 the only notes I have are swearing and emojis. The weaving of different stories, different formats, different lives is just so gorgeous in Obsidio! *Yes I’m crying again because I love this book so much!

What I’m trying to say is the Illuminae Files are immortalized on my top shelf forever. And nothing can change that. Obsidio is the perfect ending, a capstone, a bullet wound, a handkerchief, a sassy death machine, and a story about hope and love, and loss; but it’s also something more—it’s pure reading magic.

And that’s all I have to say on the subject.

Happy reading!

The Literary Empress

PS. Below are my actual notes from the airplane ride * where I idiotically decided it was a good idea to read Obsidio. THERE ARE SPOILERS!!! And swearing/cursing. And emojis. And page numbers if you want to see my reaction to what I was reading.

Page 1Page 2Page 3


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