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I’ve got 99 problems and AIDAN ain’t one

March 22, 2018. It was a fateful rainy day in Southern California. And then there was a fire. And I thought AIDAN was alive.

To start, I live in the area affected by the Thomas Fire last November. So when it started raining, I honestly didn’t know if I could get to the freeway that morning to get to the Grove for Jay and Amie’s signing of Obsidio. Thankfully, I was able to call ahead and had the absolute best manager put aside 2 copies for me *normally the Grove will not do that*. That was how the day started.

Once I was able to get to Los Angeles, I parked and started walking to Barnes and Nobles. And then I saw a crowd outside BN. And the event manager posting a sign. After planning this day since I saw Jay and Amie post about visiting Los Angeles you can’t even imagine what I felt when I heard the event was canceled. At first, I laughed and checked the sign *obviously looking for AIDAN hints like capital R and D’s* But no, there had been an, and it’s actually quite funning considering the entire Illuminae Files, an electrical fire. Sabotage? Something AIDAN would do? Yeah. Alas, the building had been evacuated and the event canceled. My dear friend Grainna of Darkly Whimsical Reader was meeting me there, and both of our copies of Obsidio were being held hostage in the store. So we’d thought we’d at least ask for the books since they were paid for. *Remember that very kind and amazing manager who put my books on hold for me, yeah, she returns. The manager had given us front row wristbands for our dedication to come. *Cue sobbing.

What are dedicated fans supposed to do but check in with the authors and say how they got their books and were so excited to read? *If you follow me on Instagram— you saw how this played out. So in the process of posting to IG who else walks by other than Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman?! * you know, those authors you just tagged in a pic* (in writing this post I realize how actually comedic this day was. So hold on- it gets better) After waving and saying hi * and totally not fangirling*, they said they were looking at alternative venues and we might want to grab something to eat at the Farmer’s Market next door and keep an eye on social media. We decided to grab a coffee instead.

A half an hour goes by and I check social media for an update *I don’t know why my notifications weren’t working- but I blame AIDAN* Low and Behold! Jay had said they were meeting in the upstairs portion of — wait for it—the Farmer’s Market. You can see the Irony now, right? If we’d been in the Illuminae Files, we’d probably be dead, and probably at the hands of AIDAN, because we were completely clueless on that hint.

This book event will forever go down in history as one of my most favorite. There were maybe 30 people crammed into the upstairs Farmer’s Market in cafeteria chairs discussing a book about a sassy death loving AI. Did I mention the audio book cast came? And they sang the Lollipop song XD? And did a reading? What about being able to say “I Survived the Grove Obsidio signing” XD

I can’t end this post without thanking Grainna for shoving an ARC of Gemina in my hands at Yallwest and saying this book would change my life. Because it has. And I can’t imagine sharing this day with anyone else.

What about you? Is there one author or dynamic duo you’ve being dying to see and will do anything for? Is there a BFF who shoved a book at you and changed everything?


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