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There is No Right Way

Review: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

At the end of 2018 I was looking for a way to figure myself out, to help contain the chaos and manage that at 28 I still had no idea where I was heading, and I stumbled upon Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. It was a book on one of those “inspirational/motivational” lists, and it had a cool cover— but I didn’t buy it. Flash forward to January 2019 in Barnes and Nobles trying to buy a last minute gift and I see that cover on the stand with a 20% off sticker.

I immediately turned to my sister, about to say I had been looking at this book, when she looked over my shoulder and said, “yeah, I have a copy”. Reader, we may live in the same house but our bookshelves are like sugar and spice— complementary, but very different. Like all good sisters, she grabbed the book out of my hand and returned it to the stand. “Read my copy,” she said. Thus, this post was born.

I am of the belief that books find you exactly when you need them, and Girl, Wash Your Face was the perfect start to 2019 for me. I knew I wanted to make changes in my life, but this book kicked that into high gear. For me, the biggest takeaway is this: There is no right way.

Now, I’ve read quite a few comments about how this book isn’t for everyone- and I’ll be the first to agree. It is Christian based, and it is coming from a middle-class white female; but that shouldn’t negate the core of this book— that no one is perfect, and there is no one, perfect way to do anything. That’s my takeaway at least. And that was exactly what I needed to hear. It may be coming at me through a filtered lens but I needed to hear that there is no one, right, perfect way to exist in a world of individuals, because that’s what I struggle with. I struggle with trying to find the one way to do things, the one way to be who I am, when in short- there is no perfect way; I can only be the best me I can manage at that time.

So take what I say with a grain of salt, and take the book with a grain of salt too; if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s okay. I liked how Rachel provided strategies to make life manageable, to take it one step, one goal, at a time. Not everything applied to me (I’m not married and I don’t have kids) but I found ways to take what she was saying and apply it to different aspects of my life. No, this book is not perfect, I wouldn’t expect it to be, but I did find it to be a stepping-stone to help get my life in order.

Girl, Wash Your Face is everything you’d expect from a book with that title; it’s funny and serious and in your face, but like a friend giving you a pep talk. I’m not saying this book is a must read or that it is for everyone, however, if you find yourself in need of some encouragement than maybe give it a try.

Ty likes to assist in the photo taking…

P.S. One major take away for me was that you can’t control people- so don’t let them control you. You can’t control their judgment or how they view you, the best you can do is keep being magical, wonderful, beautiful you.

Until Next Time,


The Literary Empress

TRIGGER WARNING: This book deals with suicide, mental health issues, and eating disorder— so stay safe and don’t read it if you will become triggered.

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