Welcome to the Literary Empire! Here you can find the literary findings of her Imperial Majesty, the Literary Empress.

There is power in words, but an even bigger power rests in stories. With the ability to change, provoke, or reduce to tears, stories become a part of us. Though some stories fade with time, others mount themselves to our soul and continue to affect us long after we’ve forgotten the exact words on the page. And no story affects two people the same way. All the opinions on this blog are mine and mine alone, but I’m just one small period on the page.

I have decided that I am no longer rating books, no giving stars or jewels or nonsense. I will give reviews but ratings are, and always will be, arbitrary. Leigh Bardugo said an amazing statement about living in a critical world during one of her *many* events I’ve been to and it hit me that all we do is critique, rate, review, but we never open the floor for discussion. That’s what The Literary Empress is for, to start a discussion and open the floor for others.

It is my belief that every book finds you when you need it, and sometimes it’s worthwhile to set it aside and wait for the right timing. There are plenty of books I’ve set aside for a time before I knew I was in a state of mind to read it. That being said; not every book is for every person. I have started and DNFed so many books. Because they weren’t for me, and it can be for a variety of reason. If I DNF a book, I promise to explain it to the best of my ability why this book didn’t work for me, but it might work for someone else.

I want to take a less critical approach to literature, to stories, and get back to why we love reading, why we stay up until two in the morning cringing and sighing over a fictional character. Because that is the power of Story.


Her Imperial Majesty,

The Literary Empress

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Postscript –

Camille has a degree in creative writing and a passion for stories. She mostly reads Young Adult Fantasy/Science Fiction and Classical Literature. However, she wants to see more non-romance New Adult books about the trials of college and the adventure of turning the chapter in life.

She will not read literary fiction, romance, horror, or supernatural— she just finds those genres boring and/or terrifying.

She reserves the right to refuse or disagree with books and decline reviews for personal reasons.